Our Story

Our Story

Everyone that ends up in natural health seems to have a story.  I spent a number of years in western medicine and saw a very expensive, broken system.  Then my husband and I experienced multiple, difficult pregnancy issues and other health challenges that led us to begin taking a hard look at how we were (or were not) supporting our health.  By overhauling our food, toiletries and overall mindset, as well as adding in herbs, oils and homeopathy, we were able to make drastic changes in our health.

I ended up earning a number of certifications and ultimately my master herbalist and naturopath degrees and worked with clients while living in South JoCo.  However, as time progressed, we felt God prompting us to move out to land to grow the herbs and teach more people how to make positive changes in their lives.

In 2014, we were blessed with the opportunity to transition from suburban life to country living in Miami County near Hillsdale Lake.  It definitely has not been easy but with the love and support of dear family, friends and mentors, we have narrowed our focus and grown our little farm.

It takes a team to run a farm… our team consists of Colin and Melissa, sons Connor and Parker and Melissa’s parents, Bill and Debbie.  Kate and Pippa are the two livestock guardian girls that round out the team and ensure our feathered friends (and gardens!) are safe.

Despite the extra effort and cost, we are committed to maintaining a sustainable farm where we grow a variety of culinary and medicinal herbs including organic elderflowers and elderberries.  We also produce elderberry syrup, elderflower syrup and several health-supporting tonics.  Additionally, we keep bees and are able to offer honey as well as chicken and duck eggs and cut flowers.

Not only are we committed to growing exceptional food and herbs, we also believe teaching people how to make positive, health-conscious decisions is critical to improving the health of our community.  Melissa teaches a variety of classes and we look forward to having some other speakers on the farm in the coming year.

For those interested, we support local charities such as our local church and Cultivate KC Also, Melissa and Debbie are chapter leaders and enthusiastic supporters of the Weston A Price Foundation.